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  • Michelle Steele

    Michelle Steele

    Writing for the love of it. A puntastic atheist, an awful cook, an amateur scientist. A noob on Medium but an expert on Quora.

  • Violet Bee

    Violet Bee

    Working on Permaculture approaches to the compounding problems of climate change, ecological and civilizational collapse. Parenting with Radical Hope.

  • 俄勒岡小婦人


    分享|學習|烹飪|故事|Taiwanese in Oregon

  • Jamie Warren

    Jamie Warren

    ex-writer, current social worker

  • Zat Rana

    Zat Rana

    Playing at the intersection of philosophy, science, and art. Trying to be less wrong. I write here now: zatrana.substack.com/subscribe.

  • Rachel Inberg

    Rachel Inberg

    Rachel writes from the unique perspective of a healthcare professional who treats mental illness and also experiences it herself. Read more at rachelinberg.com

  • Fola Veritas

    Fola Veritas

    A human bridging mental health and spirituality through the use of integrative and earth-based medicines www.deepmindsquared.com

  • Malakhai Jonezs

    Malakhai Jonezs

    I make my livable wage, by day, in software and I write for fun, entertainment, exploration, and introspection by evening. I sincerely hope you enjoy my works.

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